Hello, everyone!

Welcome to my brand new website! My name is Britton Buchanan and I play music as part of my endless endeavor to be cool. Cool people also have websites, hence why we are here right now.

Don’t get it twisted though, I’m more than glad you’re here. This is not a journey that I’m on by myself. This is OUR journey. This is OUR music. Music written from OUR stories. Rock and roll is a house that WE built TOGETHER. In a world so divided and riddled with disagreements, I have faith in a community where we are all one, no matter the circumstances, with the driving force behind that being music. Loud guitars. Crashing drums. Booming bass. Whirling organs. Pounding pianos. They unite us and they take care of their own. I’m pleased to be on this journey with you all.

In summation, go have fun and check this site out! Go check out the shows section and see if I’m playing near you, check back in on the news page for updates on everything, sign up for the newsletter to get updates from yours truly, and pretty soon we will have some rad merch for you to check out. Until next time, Peace and love.

God bless and hang loose,

Britton Buchanan

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  1. Amanda McLamb says:

    So very happy to see this up and running! I’m so proud and can’t wait to see you rock the socks off of the world. They truly only got a taste on The Voice. Pretty soon “the runner up” will be a distant memory. All love.

  2. Christy Horne says:

    I have been following you since The Voice. You make all North Carolinians proud.
    Please have a show in Fayetteville. It would be a success. Thank you for your time. Also would you let me know if you do, I would love to meet you. Thank you.

  3. Christy Horne says:

    Hi. Would love if you would do a show in Fayetteville.
    Been following you since The Voice. You make North Carolinians proud! I would love to meet you and take a picture with. I’d show my granddaughters that dreams are possible as long as you keep trying. Thank you for great music. Happy New Year!!!

  4. Linda M says:

    Hi Britton, I am a big fan and just love your voice. Please give us an update… what happened to your album that Alicia Keyes was helping you with? I see you are moving to LA. All the best to you there. I really hope things work out for you because you are the BEST!!! And I would be very sad if I couldn’t hear your music, so do what you gotta do and get it out there….I’m waiting…

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