2018 was a great year. All around fantastic. Not sure if I have ever said that before and meant it, but I know I mean it now. I feel so grateful for all of you, for all of my new friends, for all of the new experiences, journeys, challenges, and memories that have fallen into my lap.

In early January of 2018, I was holed up in a hotel room on the verge of Studio City. I wasn’t able to go more than a mile in case we were needed as we were smack dab in the middle of filming battles and knockouts for Season 14 of NBC’s The Voice. My grandmother, Kay Berryman, was my roommate for a month there and there was laughs upon laughs every single day. True happiness.

I came back home mid-February and my blind audition finally aired. The love and support I received from Sanford, North Carolina at that time was (and remains to be) astounding. I’ve never felt anything like it. It’s beautiful. The journey that I had while on The Voice and living in Los Angeles has entirely shaped who I am today, diving headfirst into the business.

Summer 2018 was one for the books. Not only did I make my first record, written entirely by me, over four days in July and August, but I also went on many a vacation and went to many a concert. I saw different offshoots of the Dead eight times, Bruce Springsteen twice, John Prine twice, Van Morrison, Bob Dylan, Bruce Hornsby, Little Steven, Paul Simon, and too many more to list. I stayed in Point Pleasant, West Virginia with Cameron Himes and Luis Sanchez in search of the Mothman, I went back to Kentucky with my best friend, Patrick Wolfe. I’ve been to Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, San Diego, Morgantown, New York City, Orlando, Norfolk, and on and on.

This has been the happiest year of my life. Thank you. YOU. Thank all of you. Your love, your support, your faith has meant and will continue to mean the world to me. I want to be able to keep you good company, just as you’ve kept me. The record will be out in early-2019, tours, everything. And I can’t wait for that connection to you that I’ll have in a way I haven’t yet. This is OUR journey. Not mine. This is me and you. Thanks for coming on it with me. Thank you for a wonderful 2018. 2019 is our year.

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  1. Holly McGinnis says:

    Just want to say congratulations on your success so far. You are very talented and although young, can tell you’ve worked hard to get here. Don’t do too much too fast…..enjoy every minute… Don’t take anything for granted…. Keep working hard and don’t ever stop being you! Your awesome and you have a big fan here in kansas. Good luck and I hope I get to see you when you tour.

  2. Rayna Lunsford says:

    So glad that things are going well for you. I keep waiting to hear more from you. I guess this is what I’ve been waiting for. Time to go buy your record and find a concert when you’re in my area! Congratulations! Don’t ever give up. Your voice is special and this generation needs you.

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